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The proposed Student Recreation and Wellness Center was presented to Associated Students, Inc. by San Francisco State University as an opportunity for students to create innovative facilities and resources at SFSU. In conjunction with Campus Recreation and the Cesar Chavez Student Center, these campus organizations are looking to educate students about the proposed Student Recreation and Wellness Center petition.


Associated Students Inc., in the fall of 2008, retained the services of Brailsford and Dunlavey, a facility planning consulting firm, to conduct a feasibility study for the Student Recreation & Wellness Center.

The feasibility study included:

  • a series of student focus groups and random intercept interviews to gain qualitative information regarding recreational activities and possible facilities
  • a web-based student survey sent to current SF State students to quantify existing facility usage patterns, desired recreational activities, space demands, and fee tolerance
  • a recreation space demand model to project demand for spaces within a recreation center based on data collected from the electronic survey
  • a recommended facility concept based on the quantities of demanded spaces;
  • a financial model, based on the options tested in the survey, illustrating the long term feasibility of the project.


Universities across the country are realizing the importance of Recreation & Wellness Centers in developing community and enhancing the quality of life for students and the university community.

In the California State University System, SF State remains one of the only campuses without a Recreation and Wellness facility dedicated to the general student body.

Similarly, ASI, Cesar Chavez Student Center, and Campus Recreation propose the Student Recreation & Wellness Center as a means to build community, enhance school spirit and promote the fitness and well-being essential to student success. The Center will provide facilities, programs, and services that will address the needs of students, alumni and the campus community.


Associated Students, Inc.

All students enrolled at SF State automatically become members of its student government, Associated Students Inc. $42 of student fees goes toward the programs and services ASI provides its students. There are seven programs offered to students which include: The Early Childhood Education Center, Educational and Referral Organization for Sexuality (EROS), The Legal Resource Center, Performing Arts and Lectures, Project Rebound , Project Connect and The Women’s Center.

For more information about ASI, please visit: http://asi.sfsu.edu.


Campus Recreation

The Campus Recreation Department (CRD) currently operates and manages a comprehensive recreation program at SF State. The CRD currently maintains three programs: Fitness/Wellness, Aquatics, and Intramurals/Sport clubs. Through a typical week, over a thousand students use the programs and services provided by the Campus Recreation staff.

The CRD currently offers 14 different fitness classes. CRD also operates an Aquatics program offering lap swimming, beginning swim instruction, and a variety of aquatic fitness classes. Complementing these programs are the Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs programs, which cater to students looking for structured and competitive sport activities. IM sports include indoor soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Currently there are 11 sport clubs operating within the program.

For more information about Campus Recreation, please visit: http://www.sfsu.edu/~recsport/.


Cesar Chavez Student Center

The Cesar Chavez Student Center is a non-profit auxiliary organization of SF State, serving as a focal point of student activity on campus. The Student Center first opened its doors in September 1975. Since its inception, the Student Center has continued to evolve, lead by active student leadership in meeting the ever-growing needs of a large and diverse student population and the SF State campus community. The Student Center serves the student population by providing a myriad of services and programs that are student-driven and student-focused.

The Student Center Governing Board is the organization’s deliberative body with a majority of elected students and appointments from University administration, faculty, alumni and staff that guide the course of the organization. SCGB meetings are open to the public and take place on the first Thursday of every month..

For more information about the CCSC, please visit: http://www.sfsustudentcenter.com.

For more information: Download SRWC Presentation PDF
Comments? Questions? Please contact us at info@studentrecreationandwellness.com.

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